Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly Update

Good afternoon!  After another week with a strange schedule at school--we are really looking forward to a full, 5 day week at Indian Trail.

Here is a quick recap of what we have been working on!
Literacy--We are continuing our study of identity and immigration.  We began reading In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, which is the story of a young Chinese immigrant to New York City.  Ask your son or daughter to explain to you which grade Shirley got placed into at her new school....and why that grade is incorrect!!  We are also continuing to work on visualization and we just started discussing character traits.  We also reviewed common and proper nouns in grammar.

Math--This week we focused on rounding!!  The students are doing a great job rounding into the hundred thousands and millions places.  I also introduced Quick Tables on ALEKS.  

Social Studies--This week we participated in 3 different geography challenges. These challenges involved reading different types of maps (elevation map, precipitation map, etc.) as well as using longitude and latitude to find the location of different places around the country.  Next week we will begin our study of the Northeast Region.

Writing--We are continuing to write our personal narratives, with an emphasis on more descriptive language!!

1. Please send in your picture day order form
2. Please complete the Chromebook insurance enrollment for the new school year

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

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