Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Classroom Coin Challenge is COMING!!

We are challenging the students to raise money for our 
book fair program by bringing in:
November 18th – 22nd
PENNIES on Monday
NICKELS on Tuesday
DIMES on Wednesday
QUARTERS on Thursday
The money will be used to buy books at our fair for children and families in need. For every dollar raised, Scholastic will donate to a children’s charity. ie.$300=300 books

The class that raises the most money wins a breakfast party on the Friday of the book fair!

Thank you for your help in promoting literacy!!!

Katie Cohen Book Fair Chairperson

Monday, November 11, 2013

Making the Band!

Our current science unit is on sound and light. We are focusing on sound first. The students' first challenge was to work in a group of four to create their own instruments out of the following materials:
                               --1 sheet of paper        --1/4 cup of rice
                               --2 paper plates           --2 styrofoam cups
                               --3 rubber bands         --4 straws
                               --1 metal hanger         --1 piece of foil
                               --1 plastic container    --1 ruler
                               --2 plastic spoons       --tape

After they created their instruments, each group had to write a 30 second song on sound waves. Check out our work!