Monday, May 19, 2014

Earthquake Week--Day 1

Things really started shaking today in fourth grade!  We had an amazing first day of our integrated Earthquake unit.  Here is an update from each teacher about what happened during their class today:

Social Studies with Mr. Brandstrader:  Today in Social Studies, we defined and illustrated key terms and concepts as we begin exploring the history of earthquakes. Students examined the geographic locations of past earthquakes and researched the tools used to measure and compare earthquakes across the globe.

Literacy with Ms. Labellarte: Today we began to explore the last fourth grade language arts theme of interdependence. Students defined it in their own words by breaking the word into parts “inter” & “dependence”.  We studied pictures and reflected how they were connected to interdependence.  

Science with Mrs. Petlak: Today in the STEM lab, we explored earthquakes and the engineering design process. Students used technology to watch videos, share comments via interactive Padlets, and worked in teams to determine how they would use the engineering design process. Students were introduced to their team challenge and began defining the problem to be solved!  They also began taking nonfiction notes and learning new vocabulary. Follow our earthquake engineering explorations at: See daily photos posted at:

Math with Mrs. Weinstein:  Today in math, we began by discussing the meaning of the word data and the different ways that data can be collected.  We made two group charts, and used those charts to explore the idea of sample size.  In order to have reliable data, we discovered that we need to have a larger sample size.

Stay tuned for further updates throughout the week!

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