Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Public Service Announcements

Dear Parents,

Over the past two weeks, our class has been learning about and creating Public Service Announcements.

Public Service Announcements are non-commercial advertisements focusing on social issues. They are intended to change public attitudes by raising awareness of a specific issue or concern.  

In order to kick-start our argument/opinion unit, we learned about P.S.A.s. We watched several different examples, analyzed their features, and brainstormed relevant social issues that kids may face in their lives. Students then conducted research and put together a P.S.A. with intent to inform and influence their peers. Students were given free-reign to use any media source to create their final products.

Enjoy our P.S.A.s and hopefully you are inspired to take action on these important issues!
Kyle, Noah, and Michael--Endangered Animals

Albert and Adam--Sportsmanship
Kathryn, Matylda, and Bryn--Healthy Eating

Aidan, Cora and Sophie--Animals

Jaden and Eli--Cheating
Alex and Lorenzo--Bullying
Lucy, Eugenie, and Izzy--Bullying

Abbie and Joseph--Work hard at school

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